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Dissertations In Music Therapy

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Western Michigan University ScholarWorks at WMU Master's Theses Graduate College 4-2013 A Content Analysis of Music Therapy Theses and Dissertations from 2000 to 2012 from AMTA.

Dissertations In Music Therapy

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Caregivers who have been trained by music therapists to use music in the home with their loved one report feeling comfortable using music activities and indicate planning on using them after music therapists finish the trainings (Clair, 2002a). Creating music therapy sessions for individuals with dementia and their spouse caregivers to participate together can have positive impacts on the.

Dissertations In Music Therapy

Music Therapy Doctoral Thesis Topics - Write a Ph.D.

Music therapy, clinical discipline in which music is used to address nonmusical goals. Therapists use music listening, songwriting, improvisation, and lyric analysis as means of fulfilling goals in movement, cognition, speech and language, and mental health. Music therapy is an allied health profession, delivering health services that are outside the scope of those traditionally provided by.


One of the hurdles you will face when earning a Ph.D. in education is writing your dissertation. Finding an acceptable topic that is neither too general, nor too idiosyncratic is a challenge you will.

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Music therapy is quite an intense subject. Music. Therapy is not a new field, in fact it has been around for. many centuries. The use of music therapy can be traced back. to help World War I veterans after returning from war ( profession 1-2). Music Therapy is basically the prescribed. use of music and musical interventions to help restore.

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Department of Occupational Therapy; Theses and Dissertations - Department of Occupational Therapy; JavaScript is disabled for your browser. Some features of this site may not work without it. Theses and Dissertations - Department of Occupational Therapy. Browse by. Dates Authors Titles Subjects. Search within this collection: Go Recent Submissions. Situating an occupational therapy curriculum.

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Music therapy is widely portrayed either as a paramedical practice within which music is a technology applied as a form of treatment or as a form of psychotherapy within which the music plays a primarily symbolic role or acts as a lead in to verbal consideration of the patient’s presenting issues. Music therapy research currently focuses predominantly on demonstrating “evidence of.


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Family-music therapy is a small but developing discipline in the field of music therapy. Family-music therapy is mainly addressed from a music therapy perspective in that it provides music therapy interventions to children and their families in a variety of clinical settings by trained music therapists. However, trained family.


American Music Therapy Association (AMTA). In the early 1800s, writings on the therapeutic value of music appeared in two medical dissertations, the first published by Edwin Atlee (1804) and the second by Samuel Mathews (1806). Atlee and Mathews were both students of Dr. Benjamin Rush, a physician and psychiatrist who was a strong proponent of using music to treat medical diseases. The.

Dissertations In Music Therapy

Using Music Intervention to Reduce Anxiety and Agitation.

The British Journal of Music Therapy (BJMT). Dissertations and theses may form the basis for an article but will always require significant rewriting for a journal audience. The journal also welcomes reviews of published material (1,500-3,500 words) such as books, CDs and videos. This journal is a member of the Committee on Publication Ethics (COPE). The British Journal of Music Therapy.

Dissertations In Music Therapy

Theses and Dissertations - Department of Occupational Therapy.

Doctoral Dissertations of the Twentieth Century Keith Y. Preston and Jere T. Humphreys Arizona State University Research articles in scholarly journals, papers presented at symposia and conventions, master s theses and doctoral dissertations, and books form the body of research in music education and music therapy. Scholars have examined this body of literature to identify traits and trends in.

Dissertations In Music Therapy

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Music therapy has been gaining immense recognition as a means of treatment with numerous researches and voluminous amount of literature focusing on the domain. It is being recognized as a critical treatment factor in the provision of effective palliative care, the use of which is consistently increasing. Considering palliative care and role of music in its provision, it is first important to.

Dissertations In Music Therapy

What Is Music Therapy And Its Benifits General Studies Essay.

Theses and Dissertations--Music. Lyric analysis is one of the most commonly used music therapy interventions with the mental health population, yet there is a gap in the research literature regarding song selection. The primary purpose of this study was to determine distinguishing linguistic characteristics of song lyrics most commonly used for lyric analysis with mental health consumers, as.

Dissertations In Music Therapy

Dissertations on music therapy -

ABSTRACT The purpose of this mixed methods study was to explore the use of musical interventions borrowed from music therapy in a family therapy context. Furthermore, the study aimed to move beyond current application of family-music therapy that focuses on a child, a member with special needs, or families with additional diagnoses to non-clinical families seeking therapy, focusing on the.

Dissertations In Music Therapy

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The Doctoral Programme in Music Therapy offers PhD education within the science of music therapy. The doctoral students are trained in a stimulating international research milieu and meets twice a year in Aalborg for one-week courses where they work with the peer group, invited presenters and the supervisors. In this cross-disciplinary and enriching learning community research ideas and.

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